You know how you tell someone you’re doing something great and it’s really working for you… and then it kinda drops off or stops getting done.


That’s me and my grattitude journal. I do it really well til I start talking about it and then nothing. So this month i’m embarrased to say that there aren’t that many entries.

Still some is better than none and there is always next month! 

Hannah Grace Life

Our baby cat and his siblings


Gratitude Journal Entries: 7


Gratitudes Written: 94


Common themes this month:

>  The warmer weather.

> Coffee catch up time.


Hannah Grace Life

Eli (nephew) and I on my birthday at the beach!


Next Months goal:

> Finish my current gratitude journal and start a new one!


Hannah Grace Life

Connor ready for his job interview


Favourite entries this month:

> My partner getting a new job. My partner works pretty hard at whatever he does, but this month he was offered his dream job. It’s so lovely to see him be excited about work and know that it’s getting him to the place he wants to be. 

> Baby cat pictures. We’re getting a kitten! It’s been cool to get update pictures on how he is growing up. Can’t wait to meet him.

> Cardiff shower. The shower at mum and dad’s (Cardiff) house is superb. Some nights when I’m over for dinner they let me have a shower and mum lends me pj’s. Its a small thing but it makes me so happy. 


Let me know, what’s the silliest thing you have been grateful for this month?

and / or

What are your goals this month? Gratitude related or not, I’d love to hear them 🙂