August was a good month but it ended in a kinda rough way, some family stuff happened and then me and my partner welcomed September with a tummy bug. That was not a fun week. However, still plenty to be grateful for. Lets wrap up August just before the end of September (where did this month go????)

I’m happy to say, I reached last months goal of writing 20 entries (just) and wrote over 200 gratitudes.


Hannah Grace Life

New artwork. Love creating for fun.


Gratitude Journal Entries: 20


Gratitudes Written: 232

(past me did not considerd that writing more than 10 on some days would make adding them at the end of the month tricky)

Common themes this month:

> Rest and Bed time

>   Australian healthcare system

> Communication with friends and family

Connor and my newphew Eli


Next Months goals:

> Get through the month

> Take more photos of things I am grateful for! 

Hannah Grace Life

Katie and I after a workout.

She likes to kill me, just saying…


Favourite entries this month:

> House husband days. I blooming love when Con has days off and does the  housework. It’s so great to finish work and be able to eat dinner and chill! 

> Dad making salmon. He is such a good cook and I’ve been avoiding salmon due to a slight allergy, but I ate it with no reaction. Woohoo! 

> All my sisters being in one room. Due to COVID, it has been a while since me and my 4 sisters have been together. This month we got to see each other at last.  

> Watching Con and Eli play. Can’t get enough of seeing them together. Con is so gentle and Eli is so fascinated with him. See photo of them above!

> My friend Gym Katie. Gym Katie helped to get me through august with her support at the gym (she’s a pt) and generally through life with her friendship. Love that lady. (ps, I have 2 Katies in my life, hence, gym Katie). 


Let me know, what’s the most random thing you have been grateful for this month?

and / or

How are you going at the moment? Enjoying the warmer weather?