July has come and gone, you know what hasn’t come and gone? Corona virus. What a bloody weird time we are living in. Time seems to go really fast and really slow with lots of unknowns. This has definitely been having an impact on my mood. I found that my  ‘Growing Gratitude’ project was both helpful and, if i’m honest, a little unhelpful this month. 

The most noticeable difference I found this month, by being intentionally grateful, was when minor upsets bugged me, I was able to flip my thinking. For example. I was annoyed that it was pouring down rain for a couple of days last week. But then I thought, how lucky am I that I have a car to get around when it’s wet. How good is it that it’s raining and people are more likely to stay indoors (#stopthespread). How good is it that I have a house to get out of the weather in. I’m pretty damn lucky and really enjoyed this unexpected quick turn around method. 

On the flip side however, when I was having those pesky anxiety days, where I couldn’t flip my thoughts around quick enough, I got stuck in the “I should” monologue. Something like: I should be more grateful, I don’t have any real problems and so on and so forth. I’m not sure how I can work on this, potentially, i will have to work on not getting lost in the “I should” and just be content with what I am and where I’m at. Anyway, i’ll watch how it goes next month and let you know!


Hannah Grace Life

My fresly planted herb garden


Gratitude Journal Entries: 19


Gratitudes Written: 192

(On 2 of the days, I wrote 11 instead of 10)


Common themes this month:

> Support

> Chai Tea

> Rest

Hannah Grace Life

On a rest day, Connor brought me coffee
and ‘love heart’ toast in bed. 


Next Months goals:

> Write at least 20  journal entries

> Write at least 200 gratitudes 


Hannah Grace Life

Whale watching and talking about
life with my mum.


Favourite entries this month:

> Good days. I was having one of those days where everything felt right and everything ran smoothly. Funnily enough it was on the first day of the month too!

> Connor (my partner) opening the windows in the house. I feel so grateful that he does it because he knows that it makes me happy. 

> My new veggie garden. Dad always encourages me to get my hands dirty and spend time in nature when I’m anxious or sad. I have a cute little dirt plot out the front of my house, so I turned it into a veggie/herb patch. And yes, it did make me happy to get my hands in the earth.

> Flexible for hours: With an up and down month emotionally and physically (thanks Corona!) I am exceptionally grateful that I can work the hours I choose to work. Starting my own small business win. 

> My Family. I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a close family (physically and emotionally). I love that we all text daily in the family chat, I love that I know they’ll come if I need them and I love that they know I’ll come if they need me.

> My “I Love Texel” Jumper. It’s an oversized grey hoodie from the town my Oma was from in the Netherlands. My aunty gave it to me when I helped her clean out her cupboard once and it’s very cosy!

And last but absolutely not least…

> Opening my business. I am so grateful that I have the chance to run my own small business. Thank you to everyone who has supported me already, I couldnt have done it without each and every one of you!




Let me know, what’s the most random thing you have been grateful for this month? 

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How are you going at the moment? Has Corona been impacting you?