About Hannah Grace the Business Person

I am a creatively minded individual who started in the industry though my love of art. I have a varied background from early childhood to counselling, illustration, web design and a Cert III in micro business . I am passionate about helping small business grow and this is how I do it:


Logo design. There is nothing more satisfying then helping a buisness create their image.


Branding. It’s not just about the logo. Its about consitency and the image you want to portray to your clients.


Social media content. Helping business connect with their audience through consistent content.

About Hannah Grace the Artist

You know the old saying “write what you know”? Well it applies to drawing too. I draw and create what I know. With this in mind youll find that my common themes are: 


General life. I try to capture small moments and memories through my work.


Self care. I am passionate about mental health and looking after yourself. It’s not weak to speak and it’s certainly not weak to seek help if you’re not feeling ok.


Space, stars and galaxy themes. I love the possibility that lies within space.


Plants. For obvious reasons and the fact that I love nature, it’s calming and good for your health. We should all spend more
time outside.

About Hannah Grace the person…


I am a mixed media artist.  My preference is to  draw with a pencil and paper and then edit and colour digitally. A MacBook is my tool of choice though I have played around on an iPad too.


When I’m creating there is generally a cat (or 3) on or near me. Growing up we had siamese cats, so I have a particular fondness for the breed. Similarly, my first, very own pet, was a Beagle named Bellatrix. Hence why the dog I usually draw is a beagle. Fun fact, the beagle textures I use are more often than not from pictures of Bella.

Creative Fuel

 I could eat cheese, twiggy sticks and olives all day everyday. Unfortunately they don’t provide me with the necessary nutrients to survive so I also eat other things. As a general rule I only drink decaf because caffeine gives me too much hype. I’m my own hype girl. I’m also one of those soda stream fanatics that only really drinks bubbly water.

The Human Body

I am constantly amazed and fascinated by the human body. It’s amazing, it can create life and nourish life. Bosoms though, they’re amazing! Butts are ok too I guess, arms are good for cuddling, smiles for lifting spirits and eyes for communicating. Don’t even get me started on the reproductive system!


My personal self care involves mediation, sleep and going to the gym. I try to meditate every day, its really useful to keep my anxiety in check and clear my mind (Looking for a good place to start experimenting with mindfulness/meditation, shout out insight timer). I find that exercising  does the same kind of thing for me. Getting into a really fast HIIT session or a lifting session gives me a space to zone out and expend excess energy.

Nerd Rating

I’m a borderline nerd, my favourite all time character is Yoda. I like what stands for, balance and calm. Is the force just one big extension of mindfulness? Despite the high quality of Star Wars, I am also particularly fond of b-grade sci-fi’s (and rom coms). I’m also an on again off again gamer, I don’t particularly follow any games but have enjoyed, Spiderman, Battlefront and Horizon Zero Dawn.


I am a christian and respect that other people have their own beliefs. Respect is key. My favourite bible verse is Psalms 91:4 “He will cover you with His feathers; under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and rampart”. I love the image it creates and the idea of safety.


I love house plants. Have you noticed them as a common theme? Green makes me happy, the more the better in plant form. I’m getting better at being a plant mum, turns out plants are sensitive and need support too!

Work Space

I am constantly on the floor. Sitting, drawing, being dramatic or, my new favourite, hanging with my nephew. I find it quite grounding…get it?